Hello and welcome to my Crafty Black Cat website.


My name is Allison Wild. I am a artist living in Manchester, England (see my art website). However, since the birth of my first Grandchild I have taken a interest in crocheting. especially granny squares. Its what grannys do right!


I would sit for hours watching my own grandmother create amazing pieces. No patterns, just a great determination and imagination to make things happen. A true creator. My aim.... to do justice to the inspiration she instilled in me.

Emily Elliott, my Grandmother, this website is for you.



So where does the black cat come in?


Meet Sammy my very mischievious, extremely inquisitive black cat. When I started to crochet, she would sit for hours, just watching, waiting for the scraps of wool to play with. She watched me so intently, i'm sure if cats had thumbs.......yes she would be having a go herself!


So now I have created my Crafty Black Cat website. Please drop by regularly to view my latest projects and ideas. Feel free to browse my shop and why not place an order. Lets try to keep the art of crocheting and all things handmade alive and kicking!